Our Story



Our company was founded for both our son's who have special needs. We are working on building this small shop for them to have for when they are older. They both help us package the items, work on social skills, clean, set up, and have daily responsibilities! All this at the ages of 6 & 3! Our 3 year old love to have little jobs to help.

Always know your package is sealed with much love and was shipped from our loving home which is jamming to Disney Tunes; reinforcing to let that inner light Shine Ever Sooooo Brite; Knowing To Be Different is AWESOME! and We NEVER give up! Saying "Love You More" Countless times a day; and our favorite having random Dance Parties just because.

We are out of commission on Friday Nights for Family Game Night - We will have a Do Not Disturb. We hope you don't mind :)

5% of our Profits are donated to Autism Speaks which is very important to us. Derek, our oldest is on the Spectrum.

All companies who we partner with are charitable in some fashion. We pride ourselves on who we work with, and are proud to carry their products.

We are so happy you are coming on this journey with us, and follow our story! I know the boys love to share their silliness, giggles, and accomplishments with everyone!

PS. They love to check to see how many fans they have! It makes their day on how much love they receive.

From our hearts to yours - Thank you and always let your inner beauty Shine Brite.

Much Love,
The Halpin Family
Owners & Founders
Shine Brite Co

From Our Hearts to Yours ~ The Halpin Family